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Welcome to Rukmini Devi Public School

Rukmini Devi Public School is situated in North West Delhi with state-of-the-art infrastructure. All the rooms are spacious, well-ventilated and fully air-conditioned so that the students and teachers get a conducive atmosphere for an effective teaching-learning process. It is permanently affiliated and accredited to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and is also the recipient of British Council International School Award (I.S.A.). The school is providing excellent results since its inception and has consistently produced outstanding academic results year after year and is involved in Multicultural Staff/students exchange programmes, collaborative projects / Snail-mail with various schools abroad.


The School with a Difference....

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Blicker ImageEvent Name
New-blinker2Van Mahotsav Celebration for Classes I - II from 01.07.2024 to 02.07.2024.
New-blinker2Principal Session for Class XI on 03.07.2024.
New-blinker2Celebration of Van Mahotsav for Classes Ill - IV from 03.07.2024 to 04.07.2024.
New-blinker2Van Mahotsav Celebration for Pre-School on 04.07.2024.
New-blinker2Students' Workshop on Decoding CUET by Edumentor on 05.07.2024.
New-blinker2Van Mahotsav Celebration for Pre-Primary on 05.07.2024.
New-blinker2Parents' Workshop (Virtual) on Blend Sound Words for Pre-Primary on 06.07.2024.
New-blinker2Parents' Workshop (Virtual) on Fun in learning: Activity-based learning+ Rhymes for Pre-School on 06.07.2024.
New-blinker2FDP on 'Framing questions aligned with Learning outcomes' for Classes I-IV on 06.07.2024.
New-blinker2FDP on 'Language Enhancement' for Classes I - VIII on 06.07.2024.
New-blinker2Students' Workshop on 'Power Bl by Brain Mentors' for Classes XI-XII (Commerce) on 08.07.2024.
New-blinker2Monsoon Fiesta - Rain Dance Party for Pre-School on 12.07.2024.
New-blinker2Students' Workshop on 'Adolescents Issue' for Class VIII on 18.07.2024.
New-blinker2Monsoon Fiesta - Rain Dance Party for Pre-Primary on 19.07.2024.
New-blinker2Educational visit to Mother Dairy for Class VII on 20.07.2024.
New-blinker2Parents' Workshop on 'Creating a strong foundation through happy parenting- the 4 pillars' by Ms. Jyotsna Bhardwaj for Classes I and II on 20.07.2024.
New-blinker2Parents' Workshop on 'Behaviour Management tips and positive disciplining solutions' by Ms. Jyotsna Bhardwaj for Classes Ill and IV on 20.07.2024.
New-blinker2FDP on 'Importance of Storytelling' (Junior Wing) on 20.07.2024.
New-blinker2FDP on 'Language Enhancement' for Classes I - VIII on 20.07.2024.
New-blinker2FDP on 'How to Make Social Science Interesting' for Classes V-X on 20.07.2024.
New-blinker2Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at llT Delhi for Classes IX-XII from 20.07.2024 & 21.07.2024.
New-blinker2Recreational Visit to Movie Time for Classes V and VI on 25.07.2024.
New-blinker2PTM, Book Fair, Science & Mathematics Exhibition for Classes PS to XII on 27.07.2024.
New-blinker2Birthday Celebration for June & July borns for Pre-School and Pre-Primary on 31.07.2024.

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