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WAVE OF VERVE (A Reflection of Zeal and Zest) Sports @RDPS


To provide sporting opportunities to all Rukminians at a level that will allow them to achieve success and personal growth through sports.

Sports at a Glance @ RDPS

At Rukmini Devi Public School, Pitampura, we strive for excellence in sports, and hence we have commissioned the services of sterling coaches who guide them as to how to take up the gauntlet in any competition, and beat the opposition by dint of skills and sportsmanship. We have wide range of indoor and outdoor sports activities in order that all students of the school may enjoy and unwind themselves by choosing to take part in sports and games of their choice.

Outdoor Sports
• Football
• Cricket
• Athletics
• Hand Ball
• Volley Ball
• Kho-Kho
• Basket Ball
• Lawn Tennis
Indoor Sports
• Badminton
• Skating
• Table Tennis
• Chess
• Taekwondo
• Yoga
• Aerobics
Adventure Activities
• Trampolining
• Zip Lining
• False Rock Climbing
• Confidence Building
“Manpower without unity is not a strength, unless it is harmonized and united properly – then it becomes spiritual power“
Sardar Vallabhai Patel

At RDPS, Students competing with full energy and great enthusiasm during a foreign exchange program in school.

In RDPS, equal importance and opportunity are given to all players.

Prize Distribution Ceremony for motivating the students and encourage them to give their best.

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