Safety & Security @ RDPS

Safety and Security at RDPS

Some key features in this regard are:
-Fully vaccinated staff
-Mandatory campus sanitization
-Conducting classrooms in a staggered manner
-Thermal scanning (at intervals)
-Wearing masks and gloves, is compulsory
-Hand washing facilities and hand sanitizer
   are available around the school.

Efforts are being made to further strengthen Safety & Security in School Campus:

  • More than 280 CCTV cameras at strategic locations.
  • 24*7 camera surveillance
  • Control Room with six (54″) TV
  • Trained staff for constant monitoring and recording of a child’s day-to-day life in school.
  • GPS-enabled school-owned buses and the buses are tracked by Transport Incharge.
  • Electrical panels/fittings are checked regularly.
  • Teachers are put on bus duty to ensure a safe journey for all children.
  • Visitor records are maintained at the gate and all visitors are given visitor passes for security reasons.
  • Small children up to class V leave the class in pairs and not singles.
  • The roof of the school remains locked at all times.
  • A houseman/ayah is stationed outside each toilet block.
  • The information of the absentees is conveyed to the parent through the SMS facility in the first period.
  • At the end of the day, guards/peons/housemen check each classroom/washroom/play area to ensure no child is left behind.
  • Fire extinguishers at strategic locations.