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Library : The Citadel of Learning

“Give thy mind to books and libraries, and the literature and lore of the ages will give thee the wisdom of sage and seer.” — Newell Dwight Hillis

RDPS library fosters the development of life learning abilities and love for pleasure reading in the students. It offers a wealth of information wherein the students explore the realms of knowledge and wisdom. The library, spread over an area of 8000 sq. ft., has been instrumental in acquainting the students with facets of literature and knowledge. An amalgamation of technology and education, it is a well-stocked and aesthetically designed library supported with the e-resources of the latest and emerging trends. The school library caters to the information needs and provides academic resources to all the constituents of the school-students,faculty and administrative staff!

RDPS Virtual Library

Our Virtual Library is a curation of free educational resources and tools to assist students and educators. The library is a powerful intellectual and social space where students and teachers gather ideas, exchange points of view, and learn together.

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