From Director’s Desk

Mrs. Anita Garg
Chairperson / Ex-Principal (Founder)

The world has seen many changes since RDPS welcomed its first students, but its vision to offer an outstanding education remains pivotal even today. It was the year 1986, when, as a teacher, I realized that my duty lay much beyond the curriculum.  My perseverance motivated me to make a shift from teaching students to educating them. The school, that began its journey as a humble dream, now stands proud as having its place among the best institutions of Delhi/NCR. Not even Delhi/NCR but in the country as a whole. Academic excellence, personal attention, and a learning environment of distinction – all have contributed to the legacy of excellence of the institution.

Education today has become a globalized powerhouse. Our students reap its benefits through multicultural exchange programmes with schools abroad. This gives them an opportunity to gain knowledge of other countries, represent RDPS on an international platform and meet the global challenges with confidence. We are fortunate in the support that we have received from all the Rukminians. With our commitment to an education that encourages students to take intellectual and creative flights, we are confident of continuing our glorious tradition for years to come.