Admission Process (2024-25)

Admission Process


Date : 12.01.2024

The First list of selected applicants and first list of applicants in waiting list are displayed on school website as under:


Date : 22.12.2023


After resolving the queries with regard to allotment of points, the final list of Applicants along with the details of points allotted to them in descending order has been displayed on School Notice Board and as well as School Website .

In order to determine the First List of Selected Applicants and Waiting List, the draw of lot among the applicants who have been allotted 70 points will be conducted at 11:00 am on 23.12.2023 in school premises. The interested parent (either mother or father) may remain present during the draw of lot to ensure transparency.

It is also intimated that only one parent of the applicant who has been allotted 70 points will be allowed to enter the school premises and remain present during draw of lot, the parents of applicants who have been allotted lesser point than 70 points, and the children will not be allowed entry in the school due to space constraints.


Date : 18.12.2023


The list of applicants who have submitted their applications for admission in Pre School Class (session 2024-25) along with the details of points allotted to them has been displayed on school notice board as well as school website as below. The applicants may verify the points allotted to them and in case any discrepancy is observed by them in allotment of points, the same may please be pointed out through email during the period from 19.12.2023 to 22.12.2023 upto 11:00 am to enable the school to rectify the same. It is also intimated that no claim for discrepancy in allotment of points after 22.12.2023 will be entertained by the school.


Date : 16.12.2023

Revised Admission Schedule for the Session 2024 – 2025


Admission Process for Entry Level Class (Pre-School) Session 2024-25
(Age >3<4 as on 31.03.2024)

The online registration process for admission in pre school class (session 2024-25) will commence w.e.f 23.11.2023 and last date of submission of registration Form is 15.12.2023. The seat availability, admission criteria, admissions schedule and fee structure will be as below:

(a) Seats availability for entry level class (Pre-School)

b) Admission Criteria

c) The Admission Schedule

d) Fee Structure

Present fee structure for Pre School Class (session 2023 – 2024) is as under :

Transport Charges (optional) (AC Coach/ Cabs):  Rs. 3,000/- per month

*The fee structure for session 2024-25 will be as approved by DOE.

(Mrs. Anjali Kotnala)