Forthcoming Events for MARCH '19


SSW: Appreciation Day

Result for classes IX & XI


Night Camp for classes I & II

Final Term for classes V-VIII

National Science Day

Final Term: Maths (VI, VIII)

Final Term: English(IX)

Final Term: Maths(IX)

Final Term: English(XI)

Final Term: Social Science(IX)

EV: Civil Aviation Centre (IV)

Final Term for classes IX & XI

Final Term (G/F/S) (V-VIII)

IIO Level 2

Board Practical Exam: CS (XII)

English Olympiad Level 2

Health & Fitness

Board Practical Exam: Eco (XII)

Nanhe Taare (I & II)

Board Practical Exam: Eco (XII)

Dress Rehearsal: Nanhe Taare

VEW : Team Work for class V A

Blessing Ceremony for class XII

Blessing Ceremony for class XII

School Cinema (classes I to IV)

Final Club Presentations

Pre-Board- English (X & XII)

EV: Qutub Minar (VI)

Pre-Board for class X begins

Pre-Board – X (Maths)


Special Assembly: Christmas

Periodic Test- 2 Maths (V-VIII)

CT-5 Hindi (I-IV)

VEW : Caring (VI D/VI A-E)

ICA: Stocking Decoration (IV)

VEW : Caring for class VI D

CA : Dramatics, STEM

CA : Dramatics, STEM

Fete Insync for classes I-XII

Annual Day (Rohini School)

Result for classes I & II

CA : Dramatics

ICA: Badminton (VIII)

ICA: Badminton (V, VI)

CA : Disaster Management, Maths

CA : Integrity, Crossroad

School Cinema (Classes V to X)

ICA: Tap Your Feet (IV) (FR)

English Olympiad (III to X)

I CA: Poem Recitation (II) (FR)

ICA: Tap Your Feet(I) (FR)

PT- 2 Maths/Phy.Ed.(XI)

CT-5 Maths (I-IV)

Periodic Test- 3: H/G/F (IX-X)

NSTSE Olympiad (III to X)


EV: Redfort (V)

CA : Crossroad

ICA: Tap Your Feet (IV)(PR)

School Cinema classes (I to IV)


ICA: Poem Recitation (II) (PR)

ICA: Tap Your Feet (I) (PR)

CT-5 English (I-IV)

School cinema (class X)

ICA: Wall Hanging (VI)

CT- 2 Maths/Phy.Ed.(XII)

CA : Social Awareness, Wellness


CT-2: English(XI)

CT- 2 Chem/B.St./Pol.Sc. (XII)


VEW : Freedom for class VII C

CT- 2 English (XII)

VEW : Freedom (VII C/VII A-E)

CA : Integrity

CA : Integrity

CT-4 Hindi (I-IV)

Periodic Test- 3: Maths(IX-X)

CT- 2 Phy/Acct/Psychology (XII)


School Cinema (classes I to IV)

CA : Eco

VEW : Peace for class VII A

VEW : Peace (VII A/VII A-E)

District: Nukkad Natak

French Spell Bee

District: Qawwali (Boys)

CA : STEM 19

UT- 4 Maths (I-IV)

CA: Disaster Management

CA : STEM 18

District: Orchestra

District: Debate English

District: Debate Hindi

Dress Rehearsal: Chrysalis

UT- 4 English (I-IV)

School Cinema (V-VIII)

CA: Heritage

District: Mono Acting

District: Declamation English

District: Declamation Hindi

District: Classical Singing

CA : STEM 17


District: Painting and Poster

District: Drawing

District: Slogan Writing Hindi

CA : STEM 16

CA: Disaster Club, Maths

District: Poem Recitation Hindi

District: Extempore English

ICA: Global Delicacies (III)

ICA: Brochure Designing(IV)

CA: Crossroads

ICA: Hoopla Hop Race (I)

ICA: Diya Decoration(II)

CA : STEM 15

UT-3 Hindi (I-IV)

CA: IT, Language, Photography

CA: Eco

CA: Integrity

School Cinema (I-IV)

FDP 12

CA : Eco

CA : STEM 14

CA : STEM 13

SW: Self Management (IX-X)

CA : STEM 12

ICA: Natak Manchan (IV)(FR)

CT-1 English (XI)

Dress Rehearsal: Indradhanush

ICA: Main bhi Kavi (II) (FR)

ICA: Kavita Gayan (I) (FR)

UT-3 Maths (I-IV)

External Exam: CTET -CBSE

Date Result for classes I & II

ICA: Natak Manchan (IV)(PR)

ICA: Main bhi Kavi (II) (PR)

ICA: Kavita Gayan(I)(PR)

CT-1 : English (XII)

CT-1 : Phy/Acct/Psychology (XI)

HLY: Social Science (VI, VIII)

HLY: Maths (V , VII)

UT-3 English (I-IV)

CA : STEM 11, Integrity



CA : Integrity

Teacher’s Day (Classes I-V)

CA : Integrity

Zonal: Folk Group Dance

Zonal: Drama

Zonal: Qawwali

Zonal: Nukkad Natak

Zonal: Orchestra

Zonal: Declamation (English)

Zonal: Debate (English)

Zonal: Declamation (Hindi)

Zonal: Folk Group Song

SW: Calligraphic Skills (IV)

SW: Calligraphic Skills (III)

VEW : Team Work for class IX A

Zonal: Extempore (English)

Zonal: Extempore (Hindi)

FDP: Peace Club

School Cinema (IX-XI)

VEW : Courtesy for class XA

Author’s Visit for class V

Authors’ Visit for Class IV

Session Commences for class XI